Monday, 20 December 2010

Unexpected Guests and Cleaning Snafus

I was so proud of myself today for spending an hour straightening up the living room and putting away finished art items. Then tonight my boyfriend said two friends were coming over tomorrow.  Well, I may have cleaned up a little, but no where near enough to be entertaining company.  And I didn't want to chuck my days schedule out the window and grab the toilet brush. And tomorrow's not a good day either because I need to work on my paying work before they go on holiday for Christmas.  In other words if I don't send them videos on Monday and Tuesday, I won't get paid for a week or two or more. So which do I drop? My paid work? My housework? Or my social life, which is slim as it is? So instead of doing anything useful I've just been staring into space like a deer in the headlights. I'm even more puzzled that though my boyfriend invited them, he shows no signs of cleaning up for visitors whatsoever.  He just says they are friends, and they won't care, so why should he. That puts even more pressure on me.

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