Friday, 3 February 2012

Turning the Dining Room Into a Sewing and Craft Area

Last night I was so burned out from pushing myself, that I swore I'd take today off and not do anything on a to-do list. I'm not sure why that worked but this morning I woke up so full of motivation, I leapt up and starting reorganizing the sewing room and archery workshop (i.e. living room and dining room). I realized I was not optimizing the natural lighting that I need so desperately to do fine work like beading or cross stitch or wood burning. So I drew a diagram of a better layout. The main issue is every area is full of boxes, inventory, supplies, junk, food, and tools. Every square inch is encumbered. So before I can move anything big I have to sort, clean, reorganize and discard. But so far in under 2 hours I've made great progress. But my hands are started to shake and the task is overwhelming me so I'm taking a break to recover. So much stuff and nowhere to put it.

And even if I get the big pieces moved, the boxes will have to be put back in the leftover space. So whew! If it was easy I would have done it already. I want to clear off my drawing table (which I haven't seen the top of in 2 or 3 years) and move it in front of the giant dining room window. If nothing else, my cats will enjoy snoozing in the window. Then I'm going to move the rolling tool chest and dresser into the spot where the drawing table now sits. I'm hoping they will fit. If not, I'll need to move another giant stack of boxes so I can slide the sewing machine over a foot. Thank goodness my boyfriend is here to move the things I can't budge.

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