Sunday, 1 January 2012

Major Reoganization of Apartment and Garage

Our apartment complex is being sold so I'm cleaning like I've never cleaned before.  I'm trying to get all clutter in covered bins and boxes.  If we get to stay here, at least I'll be more organized. And if we have to move, then I will have less to pack when that day comes sooner or later.
I'm going to try real hard to keep all yarn under control.  If it falls on the floor or gets tangled in boxes of other craft things like wire, it's a nightmare.
Plus we just had to rearrange the garage to replace the hot water heater, so we still have those boxes to deal with. We have about 20 boxes stacked in the backyard that need to go back in the garage once we get the shelves put together.

Did I mention something is wrong with my left arm? It makes lifting boxes very painful, so unless my boyfriend is in a cleaning mood, there is not much rearranging I can do myself when it comes to heavy boxes or bulky furniture.  That puts me at a distinct disadvantage. After six months my arm shows no signs of getting better. I think I have a pinched nerve in my back by my shoulder blade and my Dr. was no help whatsoever. It even hurts to put a sweater on.
Here is a photo of the old hot water heater once the repairman got it out of the garage.

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