Monday, 28 February 2011

Fixing Earrings

It stands to reason that any possession that is not useful in some way will clutter up the place. I had a jar of junk jewelry I bought at a yard sale, meaning to re-purpose it into arts and crafts projects. I've gone through it from time to time but never got any further.

So today I went through it and found two matching metal hoop earrings. The only thing wrong with them was that an ear wire was missing from one. So I removed the old ear wire, and put new ear wires on them. So viola, I had a 'new' pair of earrings. And one bracelet just needs a clasp repair, so I pulled that one out of there too. And then I found a watch in my nick-knack shelf.  It evidently needs a new battery because it's running slow.  So if I wear it I might remember to get a battery. 

Other parts of the jewelry will be useful for embedding into resin, if I get time to get into the new hobby of resin pouring. But for now they went back into the jar for another day.

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